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We Creates Simple, Clean and
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We shape our services and solutions to fit the way work and need. We specialized in advanced web services including website, webapp development as well as software & app development. we have a team of best web designers and developers from

We Are

The Farm is composed of three founder members all of them specialize in LAMP environment, the company also has 5 resources dedicated to the development in Java and LAMP, environment . Our skill has evolved from the early concepts of the web as part of a structure that enters in the web world since 1997.

Alessio Montesi, Founder

image name <?php favorite quote: ?> "I'm not a real programmer. I throw together things until it works then I move on. The real programmers will say "Yeah it works but you're leaking memory everywhere. Perhaps we should fix that." I’ll just restart Apache every 10 requests. Ugly problems often require ugly solutions. Solving an ugly problem in a pure manner is bloody hard." Rasmus Lerdorf - the author of the first version of the PHP

Francesco D'Agostino, CEO

image name <?php favorite quote: ?> "Honestly, I spend very little time thinking about past events, and I certainly don't have them ranked in any way. I look back and think that I have done a lot of good work over the years, but I am much more excited about what the future holds." John D. Carmack - co-founder and technical director of id Software.

We Do

We are often asked by non-programmers to explain what we do and how we do it. Following is our answer. We are a programmers (nerds, not stupids) and, like many others in our profession. The job of a programmer is to translate real-world problems into numbers that computers can understand. A computer is like a child that will do everything you tell him to do (obviously not always). What you want him to do is irrelevant; the only thing that matters is what you tell him. “On rare occasions when my daughter does actually listen to me, our relation is similar to the one of a computer and a programmer. I’m trying to make him do something and he’s testing my patience by doing what I tell him to do instead of doing what I want him to do… Get in the shower. Turn on the water. Please use soap. On your body, not the walls. Use shampoo, it goes in your hair. Rinse it all off with the water coming from above you, not from the toilet. Turn off the water. Dry off with the towel. Go to bed… the result is a child that took the shower in his clothes. No one told him to get undressed first.” We develop in agile model and we realizes our programs in no perfect plan. We puts a lot of emphasis on learning from mistakes and adaptation. In the agile model, a parent would not know what all the detailed steps from shower to bed are. He would instruct the child to “get in the shower”. Once the child is in the shower he would observe the result, realize that the clothes are still on and adapt to this new situation by instructing the child to take him clothes off. The “agile parent” realized his mistake early and did what it takes to correct it. To summarize, programmers are nerds, computers are dumb, and my daughter is clean and dry.

Our Skill Area

  • Web Application
  • Mobile App
  • Web Marketing
  • System Integrator

We use latest Technology

HTML Responsive using css

image name An adaptive website is a website that builds a model of user activity and modifies the information and/or presentation of information to the user in order to better address the user's needs.

- Wikipedia
Support any device

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- David French, Development Manager

Our Works

Clients Forever

  • European Space Agency
  • Wind S.p.A.
  • Alcatel

Contact Us

Office Address:

Via Teodolfo Mertel, 40
Rome, 00167, Italy

+039-0662279675 info@farm.it